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Terms of Apartments Rental


Terms of Apartments Rental aim to define the renting conditions of apartments offered by Primo Estate Boguslaw Zyła of register data indicated below, through owned or operated websites.

Making booking in selected apartment through a service operated by Primo Estate implies acceptance of the provisions contained in the Terms of Apartments Rental and General Terms of the Reservation.

The content of Terms of Rental Apartments is at the office Reservation System Operator and any of his apartment.

Designation of Resposible Entity

Terms of Apartments Rental is drawn up and accepted by the apartment owners and Reservation System Operator, Primo Estate company operating within this website.

Any comments, complaints or grievances to the contents of this document should be directed to the apartment owners through the Reservation System Operator Primo Estate Boguslaw Zyła, ul. Mielecka 59, 39207 Brzeźnica NIP 8721954018, REGON 690684142


§1. The designation of entities

  1. The owner – an entity with ownership of, or established in its favor right subsidiaries to dispose of premises being leased.
  2. Reservation System Operator – the entity managing remote service entrusted to an apartment in the operation of the reservation, authorized by the owner.
  3. Resident – the entity representing the owner of the apartment on the basis of the authorization granted is responsible for dealing with guests, including the conclusion of the relevant lease agreements with their settlement.
  4. Guest – an individual or a business, renting apartment belonging to the owner, under an agreement with the Resident, representing the owner, on the basis of that the client books the apartment through the Reservation System Operator.

§2. Introductory provisions relating to commission

  1. Apartments rental is run on a daily mode.
  2. Unless otherwise agreed, night of stay lasts from 16:00 hours on the day of arrival to 11.00 on the day on which, according to the agreement stay is completed.
  3. Arrival and departure guests in the 22.00 - 7.00 is possible for an extra charge of 30.00 zł.

§3. Conclusion of the Agreement

  1. At the time of check in by guests, the guest is required to conclude a relevant written agreement with the owner of the apartment. Model contracts are available at Resident´s apartment, which is representative of the owner.
  2. At the conclusion of the agreement resident is entitled to require the presentation by the person booking his identity.
  3. The fee for staying in the apartment is paid by guests in cash at the time of concluding the contract.
  4. The fee for staying in an apartment does not include local tax paid after arrival.
  5. According to the information contained in the confirmation stay in the apartment, the guest is obliged to pay the deposit on possible damages in the apartment.
  6. The fee is settled up before the end of the stay in the room and returned to an appropriate extent after the return of keys.
  7. Failure to pay the advance for the stay entitles Resident to refuse check-in and issue of the key to the apartment.
  8. The number of people staying in the apartment is limited to the number specified in the offer on the apartment.
  9. In the event that the number of guests attending is higher than the number reported during the booking, resident may refuse the accommodation.

§4. The invoices and simplified bills.

  1. If you wish to receive an invoice or a simplified bill covering the costs of accommodation, the guest is obliged to notify a resident at the time of concluding the contract.
  2. Bill or invoice will be issued by the Owner and the delivered to the guests of the apartment, in the manner and within the prescribed period.

§5. Accommodation of pets

  1. Pets are allowed only in the apartments marked in the offer as having the owners permission for their accommodation.
  2. Accommodation of pet is charged on additional services such as apartment cleaning in the amount of 30.00 zł, which is charged when the agreement with the Resident is concluded.
  3. Guests of the apartments are fully responsible for any damage or destruction made ​​by animal in equipment and technical devices of the apartment.

§6. The responsibility for entrusted property.

  1. Guests are responsible for any, caused to the apartment and its equipment installations damage that does not result from normal use.
  2. In case of causing deterioration of the condition of the apartment by the guests, resident has the right to stop the deposit in proportion to the value of damages or correctly.
  3. Stopping the deposit does not preclude the owner to investigation by way of suffered damage, the value of which exceeds downloaded bail.
  4. Guest of the apartment takes full responsibility for the keys to the apartment and remote controls for gates. Losing a key or remote charge an additional fee of 300.00 zł.
  5. Guest of the apartment is obliged to control the complete closure of the apartment at the time of his leaving.

§7. The use of parking spaces

  1. Apartment guests are required to park their vehicles in the places designated for the rented apartment or on a public parking lot according to the instructions from the Resident.
  2. Parking vehicle on space belonging to a third party entails the risk of having their vehicle towed at guest´s expense.

§8. The rules of stay in the apartment

  1. Apartment at the moment of hand over should be cleaned and additionally equipped with:
    1. A set of two towels per person;
    2. A set of clean sheets.
  2. State which is at variance with the state expected, as defined in the preceding paragraph should be reported immediately to the designated resident.
  3. The apartments are non-smoking with the exception of the associated terraces or balconies.
  4. Curfew hours 22.00 - 6.00.
  5. Guest apartment has to comply with the Rules placed at the walls of the building and to the principles of social coexistence.
  6. Guests are required to maintain the cleanliness of the apartment, staircases and within the occupied area.
  7. Garbage accumulated by guests during their stay should be removed to a designated chute or general trash.
  8. In case of the presece of circumstances beyond the control of visitors during the stay that cause serious problems in the use of the apartment or preventing its use, guests are obliged to inform immediately the Resident about the fact of a specified circumstances.
  9. In the situation described in the preceding paragraph, resident will appoint  a substitute apartment at comparable standard.
  10. Location of the replacement apartment may not coincide with the location of the originalapartment. The change of location does not constitute grounds for claims with concerning improper performance of the contract.
  11. If the appointment of a replacement apartment proves impossible, System Operator or resident may designate a different place than suite, different than original standard  while modifying the amount of rent.
  12. In the situation described in the preceding paragraph, guests have the right to terminate the agreement while retaining a claim for payment of the rental amount proportional to the number of unused days.
  13. When the situation described in point. 8 occurred because of the fault of the guests, resident has the right to terminate agreement with immediate effect, trapping the full amount of rent and deposit. The provisions of pkt.§10 13 do not apply.
  14. Violation of the regulation of this paragraph by guests, can cause the termination of lease agreement by th Operator with immediate effect, without the right to a refund for unused rental days stay and capped fees.

§9. End of stay

  1. Before the end of stay, guests are required to wash the used dishes and realize the obligation specified in § 8 points. 5.
  2. On the day of departure the client is obligated to allow the resident to check the state of entrusted apartment.
  3. The guest has an obligation to participate in the examination of the apartment and its equipment.
  4. The guest is obliged to notify a resident of any damages of the apartment.
  5. The inspection referred to in point. 3 of this paragraph is confirmed by written protocol.
  6. Before signing the protocol, the guest is obliged to return received  keys and remotes for gates.
  7. On the basis of examination protocol, fee collected shall be settled up. The provisions of § 6 shall apply accordingly.

§10. Force majeure

  1. By force majeure shall be any, independent of the Proprietor, Resident and Reservation System Operator unpredictable facts, that prevent guests from renting referred apartment. These circumstances are impossible to remove immediately by the standard means.
  2. Force majeure are also all independent of the entities referred to in point. 1 circumstances posing a direct or potential threat of damage to health, life or visitors´property.
  3. In the situation referred to the preceding point, Owner reserves the right  to offer to guests, either directly or through a representative of Operator of the Reservation System, substitute at comparable or similar standard to the originally booked one.
  4. The owner also has the right, in case of force majeure to cancel the contract with the return of received benefits, including the costs of services already implemented for the benefit of guests.

§11. Early leave

  1. Guest, who shortens his stay in the apartment for reasons attributable to him (including personal reasons  or random accidents of nature), is obliged to immediately notify the Resident of the resulting fact, including the day of leaving the apartment.
  2. Resident within the prescribed period will collect the keys and remote controls for gates, as well as make final settlement of payments in the mode of § 6 and 9.
  3. Shortening of the stay in the apartment for reasons beyond the control of the entities referred to in § 1 point. 13 or leaving the apartment without performing the obligation set out in point. 1 and 2 shall not give rise to a claim for refund for unused rental days of stay.
  4. In the case of non-payment of the fee for staying in an apartment in the situation referred in the preceding paragraph, the owner has the right to claim part of due debt on the way of debt  collection and process.
  5. Monitoring of payments, collection operations and process are carried out by the Department of Monitoring and Collection Law Firm Business and Legal Advisors, based in Krakow, Złotego Wieku Street 91/3, Tel. Number 12 649 12 34 www.kdbip.com.pl.
  6. In the situation referred to in point. 4 The owner reserves the right to assignment of accounts receivables on the Reservation System Operator or another entity selected by him.

§12. Complaints

  1. The term complaint should be understood by all requests, complaints concerning:
    1. Joining existing conditions of stay in a rented apartment deviating from the standard specified in the catalog or published information;
    2. The detected defects or deficiencies in the equipment of the apartment deviating from the standard specified in the catalog or published information;
    3. Guest service standards by Resident or Reservation System Operator;
    4. Depending on the owner, Resident or Reservation System Operator circumstances that have a significant impact on the standard of your stay in the apartment;
  2. Complaints must be submitted to the designated resident and made in written or electronic form equivalent to the Operator Reservation System.
  3. The applicant who claims must provide personal information including current correspondence address, electronic mail address, contact telephone number and reservation number.
  4. The complaint should include the designation of the apartment occupied by the advertiser and complete description of the situation that caused complaint as well as the precise determination of the claim.
  5. Complaints having the required form and content will be considered within 14 working days.
  6. The correspondence which will not fulfill the conditions set out in point. 3 and 4 will be left without consideration.

§13. Final Provisions

  1. The entity referred to in § 1 point. 13 is not responsible for the guests´ property left in the apartment, a parking space or adjacent to the apartment understood as part of the common property where the apartment is located.
  2. The entity referred to in § 1 point. 13 is not responsible for any use of the premises not owned or managed by non indicated above, adjacent or which may affect the premises being leased, as also does not take the responsability for the use of common parts of the building by third parties.
  3. In the situation described in the preceding paragraph, the provisions of § 8 pts. 8 - 12 do not apply.
  4. All editorial units used in the General Conditions of Rental Apartments do not affect the content of the document and serve only to facilitate its reading.
  5. If due to changes in applicable law, any provision of Terms of Rental Apartments expire, become illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall not be affected to the extent permitted by law.
  6. In matters not covered in Terms of Rental Apartments , Civil Code regulations are applied.
  7. The Parties agree to resolve all arising disputes on the Terms of Rental Apartments amicably.
  8. The court competent to hear disputes in the field is the home of the District Court competent for the seat of the Owner.
  9. Terms of Rental Apartments come into force on the date of the announcement.


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