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Reservation Terms&Conditions


Terms and Conditions Reservation System is intended to describe the principles of the customers of Primo Estate Boguslaw Zyła in the apartments offered through owned or co-written by him services.

Making a booking of selected apartment via this service constitutes website acceptance of provisions of these General Terms and Conditions Reservation and Rental Apartments General Terms and Conditions.

The content of General Rental Terms is published on the websites of Primo Estate Boguslaw Zyła, you may find it in written form in the seat of his company.

Designation Authorisation Holder

General rental terms is a document developed by Primo Estate Boguslaw Zyła, who owns this web site.

Entity responsible for the execution of the booking service Primo Estate is Boguslaw Zyła, ul. Mielecka 59, 39207 Brzeźnica NIP 8721954018


§1. The designation of entities

  1. Service - Internet service run by the Reservation System Operator that offers rental apartments for short-stay, the conditions and costs of stay are defined by the owners, as well as significant regulations relating to which is established legal relationship between parties.
  2. Reservation System Operator - the entity responsible for handling the booking of apartments, those in the offer of the Service, hereinafter referred to as the Operator.
  3. The service - provided by the Operator Reservation System enables the Client making booking in the place chosen by him from the current Operator´s offer.
  4. Offer - current list of properties promoted by the Operator, containing detailed specifications of indicated properties with current prices at certain time.
  5. Resident - the entity representing the owner of the apartment on the basis of power of attorney, responsible for dealing with guests, including the conclusion of the relevant lease agreements with their accounting.
  6. Client - a natural person or a business, making booking of the apartment located in the Operator´s current offer, through the service owned or operated by the Operator Reservation System.

§2. Reservation notification

  1. Reservation notification is done through a form published by the the Operator,through the introduction of information required by the Operator.
  2. Reservation notification chosen by the Customer applies to the property specified in the Offering.
  3. The customer making a notification booking consents to the collection and processing of personal data contained in the form.
  4. The customer agrees to transfer the data entered via the form to the owner of the booked property as well as to the Resident.

§3. Required information

  1. The customer making the reservation application is obliged to provide personal information including name, address, phone number and e-mail address.
  2. The client also determines the period for which the reservation of indicated property is made.
  3. Other information required to make the reservation is determined by the form.
  4. In the event of incomplete or questionable information, the Operator may request an electronic confirmation of the entered information.
  5. In the absence of confirmation, notification booking will be canceled.

§4. Acceptance of the booking application

  1. Within 24 hours of sending the registration form by the customer, operator verifies the received information, and confirms the possibility of booking a specific real estate for the dates.
  2. No contact within the deadline specified in point. 1 will be synonymous with the cancellation of the notification by the Operator.
  3. Acceptance of the booking application is done electronically, by sending a message by the operator to email address specified by the customer.
  4. Acceptance of the booking application includes:
    1. Marking the booked real estate;
    2. The period of reservation with dates of arrival and departure;
    3. The number of adults and number of children who are accommodated in the booked real estate;
    4. The fee for rental stay within a prescribed period;
    5. The amount of advance towards the conclusion of a lease;
    6. Operator´s bank account details, intended to advance payments mentioned in point e of this part.
    7. The time limit within which the customer must make a deposit.
  5. The customer, who indicated their e-mail address, has not received within  abovementioned period acceptance of the reservation is required to contact the operator by phone.
  6. No contact with the Operator within 2 working days causes the cancellation of booking aplication.
  7. In the case of acceptance of the reservation by the Operator, the Customer is informed of the next steps required to make a reservation by mail, to the specified e-mail address.

§5. Reservations

  1. As soon as the advance is received, mentioned in § 4 Section. 2 point e the Operator sends to specified e-mail address Customer´s confirmation of the reservation specified in the notification booking of the property (hereinafter Voucher).
  2. Entry in advance, referred to in §4. 2 point E Operator´s bank account is treated as the Client´s reservation conclusion of selected property specified in the application for the reservation with the owner of the specified property.
  3. Submitted to Client Voucher, sent by an Operator constitutes a reservation conclusion mentioned above.
  4. Voucher includes:
    1. The entity booking the property;
    2. An entity renting property;
    3. Detailed information on the reserved real estate;
    4. Term of the lease;
    5. The rest of the payment amount, which is complementary to the price of rental properties;
    6. Contact data of the Resident;
    7. Additional arrangements with the Operator Client, for the implementation of the lease;

§6. Customer Responsibilities

  1. The customer is obliged to contact the Resident indicated in the Voucher to determine of the arrival time and the acquirement of the property.
  2. The customer is required to provide Resident with the received voucher and identity document confirming included personal data in the Voucher.
  3. In the case of acquisition Voucher by assignment of rights, the transferee should present a resident accepted by the Operator confirmation of the assignment.

§7. Assignment of rights

  1. In case of inability of arrival, the client has the right to transfer the rights of owned Voucher to a third party.
  2. Assignment is possible after acceptance of the Operator.
  3. Transferor shall notify the Operator about the assignment of the rights indicating the personal data of the transferee.
  4. The system operator will confirm the assignment of rights made ​​by the transferor by issuing an accepting document or a new voucher.
  5. In the case of issuance of a new voucher with the specified data of the transferee, the transferor Voucher will be considered invalid.
  6. Notification of the assignment of rights can be held by telephone to the contact number provided by the Operator , located in the contact tab.

§8. Inability to implement the reservation due to the Customer´s fault.

  1. In case of cancellation by the customer the confirmed reservation, ​​the client is obliged to notify the Operator of this fact via indicated channels of communication.
  2. Cancellation is done by invalidating the issued voucher and reimbursement of advances taken by the Operator except point. 3 above.
  3. The operator asks the customer an advance payment of:
    1. 50,00 zł less handling costs in case of cancellation within a period of not less than two months before the date of commencement of the rental of real estate;
    2. 100.00 zł minus handling charges if the cancellation took place in less than two months before the date of commencement of the rental real estate;
    3. If the cancellation took place in less than a month before the beginning date of rental properties, the operator shall retain the full amount of the advance.
    4. In the situation described in the preceding paragraph, the advance may be returned to the Client, after deduction of 30%, no less than 100 zł fee, if released property was leased  in the same time and at the same price by a third party.
    5. In the case of not assuming reserved by the Customer property specified in the Voucher date without prior notice to the Operator, the reservation shall be canceled without any repayment of the advance taken.

§9. Inability to implement reservation through no fault of the Customer

  1. If implementation of the reservation in respect of chosen property by the Customer becomes impossible due to the fault of the Operator, he shall indicate the Customer property of a comparable standard or higher to the reserved property.
  2. The customer has the right to accept a new offer of the Operator or terminate the contract of reservation with the reimbursement of the advance paid.
  3. In the case of acceptance of the offer by the Customer, the Operator issues a new voucher for a proposed real estate.

§10. Final Provisions

  1. Conclusion of the reservation agreement is tantamount to reading the General Conditions of the Reservation by the Client and their acceptance.
  2. Operator is not responsible for the incumbent responsibilities upon the customer and the owner resulting from the agreement between the parties to the lease agreement.
  3. Real estate lease terms specified in the operator´s offer are published in General Terms and Conditions Rental Apartments.
  4. If due to changes in applicable law, any provision of General Rental Conditions expire, become illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall not be affected to the extent permitted by law.
  5. In matters not covered by General Reservation Conditions,the relevant regulations of the Civil Code apply.
  6. The Parties agree to resolve all arising disputes on the basis of General Reservation Conditions amicably.
  7. The court competent to hear disputes in the field of General Reservation Conditions is the District Court, competent for the Operator.
  8. General Conditions of Reservation shall enter into force on the date of announcement.


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